Why we’re supporting the EO Boost event:

The Eternal Business Consultancy was established to promote the concept of employee ownership, particularly with the use of the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), as a method that business owners can use for succession planning.  As the EO Boost is designed to offer insightful education and engaging discussions on how successful employee ownership (EO) can be achieved, it made perfect sense for us to get on board and add our expertise and support.

Services we provide:

Through personal experience and transformation we have created online materials dedicated to helping business owners decide if employee ownership is the right route for them.  We work with employees of existing EOT businesses and professional advisers to assist their own clients to maximise the benefits that employee ownership can bring.

Once the decision has been made we guide all parties through a pathway of transition and help employees from all levels to deal with the challenge of an EOT business, before, during and after, so everyone feels fully supported throughout the journey.

Our online mini-programme – “Is EOT right for you?” allows entrepreneurs to get an introduction to EO and start answering some basic questions, which for those seeking further clarification ends with a personal online consultation with our Founder Chris Budd.

Our main online programme is designed to take a business along the four strands required to ensure a long term sustainable business:

  • The Flag
  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Engaged Employees
  • Ownership

With two modules and hundreds of individual lessons the programme ends with the final transition into an Employee Ownership Trust – more details can be found here

We are also currently working on a further course to support employees once the transition has been made and a business has officially become an EOT.

We know the value that we bring to business owners, and the benefits of EOT as a whole…but don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s a testimonial from the CEO of a company we recently started working with:

“Too often meetings with consultants are a waste of time.  They know not whereof they speak, they pay little attention to the reality of the business and they are too set on their own models. But this session was entirely practical, wrought from experience and something that we could learn from.”

Call Chris Budd on 07710 719742 to start your succession planning.