We’ve been talking about the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) for some time now, and to a LOT of people. This page is full of short videos which answer your questions about EOTs and the programme itself.

Welcome to the Eternal Business visual FAQs!

B Corps - Introducing Matt Tipping

The Eternal Business welcomes Matt as our new associate. He is an expert in B Corps and self-management.

How Much Do You Need To Sell Your Business For

Chris describes one of the first steps you need to take when starting a succession plan.

Skin In The Game

Chris explains why it is wrong to assume that management teams want to own shares.

Announcing The Trustee Placement Service

Chris announces The Trustee Placement Service for those seeking independent trustees for their EOT

The Most Important Appointment

Chris answers the question of who the most important appointment might be in the lead up to a sale to an EOT

Demonstrating Purpose

Chris explains why it's so important to prove your purpose - and how to do it

Managing expectations of key employees with a Hybrid EOT

Chris explains what your options are if you don’t wish to sell 100% of your business

Proving Empowerment

Understand how your employees really feel about employee ownership

A Danger Of Employee Share Ownership

Chris explains the difference between direct share ownership and indirect share ownership