We’ve been talking about the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) for some time now, and to a LOT of people. This page is full of short videos which answer your questions about EOTs and the programme itself.

Welcome to the Eternal Business visual FAQs!

How To Take Small Steps

Chris explains the small steps you can take to get your succession plan moving.

How To Sell A Business Part 4 - Who To Talk To?

Chris explains why your first call shouldn't be to your solicitor or accountant.

How To Sell A Business Part 3 - What Exit Do You Want?

Chris explains the three ways to sell your business.

How To Sell A Business Part 2 - How Much?

Chris explains how a financial planner will help you answer a key question.

How To Sell A Business Part 1 - Three Tips

Chris reveals three tips for owners planning to sell their business.

The No.1 Tip Of 2019

After a year working with business owners Chris reveals his number one succession planning tip.

What Is The First Step?

Chris gives his tips for starting your succession planning.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know - Three Tips

Chris explains how we can all learn from others

What We Learned From The EOA Conference

Chris reflects on another great EOA conference