We’ve been talking about the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) for some time now, and to a LOT of people. This page is full of short videos which answer your questions about EOTs and the programme itself.

Welcome to the Eternal Business visual FAQs!


The Single Biggest Challenge Facing Owners

What is the biggest issue business owners face when thinking about EOT’s?

The Two Most Important Appointments You Will Make

There are two new roles created by an EOT, and they are crucial to get right.

How To Get Employees To ‘Step Up’ - Part 2

When owners talk about employees not ‘stepping up’, what is really getting in the way?

How To Get Employees To ‘Step Up’ - Part 1

Employees not getting involved is a frustration for many business owners. What can be done?

Where NOT To Start

How one owner enquiring about the EOT really made Chris chuckle.

The Secret To Employee Engagement

When you tell employees of your plan to sell, there’s one key thing you must do.

How Dunning Kruger Impacts 95% of Businesses

I reckon 95% of business owners say the same thing - and it is explained by Dunning-Kruger.

Waking The Fairness Dragon

Announcement of the sale to an E0T can start employees to question fairness. How do you handle this?

How To Record Founders Wishes

Owners find it easier to let go if they feel their core principles will be maintained. How can you achieve this?