Do you feel different to everyone else? So does everyone else!

I’ve had an interesting year, to say the least. I sold my business (Ovation Finance); set up another (The Eternal Business); published a book (The Eternal Business); launched an online programme; and stepped back from the youth cricket section of my local club that I started 7 years ago, leaving 110 kids and 8 coaches to take it forward.

As I reflect on the year, I realise that there is a consistent theme to the things in which I get involved. They are places of belonging.

Take Ovation, for example. I logged time from the outset (in 1998). I’ve asked How Much Is Enough for 20 years. Used coaching skills for 6 years. We always focused on using wealth for happiness.

This was never typical in the Adviser world. As a result, we attracted employees who believed in the same things. They found a place to belong.

I can honestly say that I have never met someone who is passionate about cricket that I have not liked (or at least not completely disliked – I’m looking at you, Shane Warne!).

We cricket freaks gather together. Go to the fourth day of a test match which is heading for a draw, and you will feel that sense of belonging.

This being in places of belonging has reached new heights this year as I have spoken to or with literally thousands of people about how to transition a business to the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

It’s fair to say that but everyone gets it. But those that do, boy, they really get it!

I’ve had people enquiring if they could sell their own companies to an EOT – and have then joined me in promoting the concept!

I’ve met many, many employees so passionate about what they do during the working week that is has come to define them. They have a place where they feel they belong.

The EOT offers owners the chance to exit at a market value and leave a legacy, in the form of their business continuing beyond them.

It offers employees access to future profit and a voice in the running of the business.

In establishing the Eternal Business Programme, I (with help from some very smart people) have built a place where owners and employees can follow a path to the EOT. Where they can learn together and share their experiences. A place where people who believe in Purpose can feel that they belong.

There is a huge wave of companies heading towards the EOT. Coaching and advising such owners and leadership teams has been a very exciting place to be.

I’m very much looking forward to 2019. I hope you might want to come and belong with me!

If you’d like more information about the EOT, email Chris at Details of the programme can be found here


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