The EOT allows employees to access profit and control of the business, without having to buy shares.

To be able to take control, employees need to enable the owner to feel they can let go.

This means the coordinated handing over of control.

The book and programme will help employees to:

  • Understand the changes that are needed for a business to be owned by an EOT
  • Allow the owner to let go
  • Align their personal core values with those of the business
  • Receive a share of the profits in the business
  • Have a voice that is heard and contributing to business decisions
  • Identify the key principles of the business
  • Be able to prove that the business lives and breathes those principles
  • Work for a company that wants to engage with its employees
  • Help the company achieve its vision

And ultimately…

  • Be part of a legacy in the form of an employee owned business

How do we help?


For employers and employees who want to move to an employee ownership model.

Tailored consultancy:

For businesses owners who need closer support and assistance on their journey.


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