The Eternal Business Consultancy

Many business owners are kept awake at night by one question:

“How can my entrepreneur story end in a way which allows me to take my value, preserves the good I’ve built up, and looks after the employees?”

Traditional succession planning often doesn’t provide all the answers. However, a solution is available.

Employee ownership is the new and better way of preserving your legacy. It enables:

  • Passing on control without employees having to raise capital
  • The owner receiving a fair market value for the business

BUT: An employee-controlled business is not like other businesses. The transition of control needs time and careful planning to build a business that might just last for ever.

An Eternal Business!  And our programme is how we help you get there.


There’s also a book that was written to help spread the word about employee ownership.  You can read chapter one for free or order a copy directly from Amazon

The Programme

The Programme takes a business along the four strands that are key to making a long term sustainable business. The end of the Programme sees the final transition into an Employee Ownership Trust. However, it is important to acknowledge that the vast majority of the changes will benefit any businesses, whether or not they become employee owned.

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How we help...


For employers and employees who want to move to an employee ownership model.

One-to-one consultancy:

For businesses owners who need closer support and assistance on their journey.


for companies, trade bodies and associations who want to learn more about employee owership.

Who we help...

Business owners:

Who are thinking about succession planning and want to understand all their options.


Who want to understand how their future can be different under an employee owned model.

Professional advisers:

Who want to help their clients understand employee ownership and the benefits it can bring.

About our founder

The Eternal Business Consultancy is the creation of Chris Budd, who himself sold his business, Ovation Finance, to an Employee Ownership Trust.

Chris passionately believes employee ownership will revolutionise succession planning, empowering employees and creating truly sustainable businesses. His book: ‘The Eternal Business: How to build and exit a business for employee ownership’ will be launched in September and is available to order now.

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