We’ve been talking about the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) for some time now, and to a LOT of people. This page is full of short videos which answer your questions about EOTs and the programme itself.

Welcome to the Eternal Business visual FAQs!

The Programme Will Help Any Business

Even if the EOT isn’t the right succession route, the programme will strengthen any business.

Build Reserves During The Programme

A look at how to build reserves as you prepare for succession, which can then fund an initial payment.

Don’t Sort Things Out Then Join

A response to owners who say: ‘I just need to sort a few things out, then I’ll look at succession planning’.

Don’t Start On Course 2

Course 1 involves putting down some crucial foundation stones, Chris explains.

Handling Management Expectations

Often some of the team have expectations of a buy in. The EOT route can often accommodate this.

What Is The Minimum Number Of Employees

Chris answers this very common question posed by businesses of all sizes.

Who Should You Go To For Help?

Who are the experts – and what are they experts in? How to get the right help.

A New Year's Message

Wishing you a happy new year and an update on the Eternal Business programme.

Lessons from Aardman, the creators of Wallace & Gromit

Explaining the lessons learned from the creators of Wallace and Gromit going into EOT.

Digital Marketing company gets fish and chips

Case study on a digital marketing company explaining alternatives to EOT

Treat the idea of a sale to the EOT like a sale to a competitor

A look at how and when you should tell your employees about your succession plans.

How to talk succession to your management team

How, and when, should you raise the issue of succession planning with your management and leadership teams?

The three plans that form the output of the programme

A look at the documents which are produced by the business owners and leadership team who go through the Programme.

The People Plan

What is a people plan and how will it help you successfully manage your succession?

How do you replace the entrepreneurial spirit?

Chris explains how to keep the entrepreneurial spirit to take the business forward when the owner leaves.

What are the key decisions?

Chris discussed the core proposition document; what does it include and why is it important?

Getting employees involved with decision making

We explain how to increase the chances of employee ownership being a success by motivating your team.

Special offer for April 2019

If you're thinking about signing up for the Programme we've got a special offer for you in April.

How To Achieve Mediocrity

Chris considers success and how to achieve it, whatever that means for you.

Specialist advice - don’t get ripped off

Chris explains how not to get ripped off and the importance of employee engagement.

Scottish Enterprise Agency Grant’s plus a lesson from solicitors

Important information following Chris' recent trip to Scotland.

Some stories from Scottish business owners

Learn why the path to employee ownership will improve all businesses.

Why not just hold onto the shares and receive the future profit?

A cautionary tale from two business owners who got succession planning wrong.

The Hybrid EOT - management buy out combined with the EOT

Explaining how an EOT and management buyout can work together.

The Core Proposition

Chris explains more about the core proposition document and the role of the trustees.

The wonderful EOA

Chris explains more about the EOA and how through the Eternal Business you can attend your first meeting for free.

What do clients think of the EOT?

Chris explains how an EOT helps build client loyalty.

What are the first steps an owner thinking about succession should take?

Two things you should do, and one thing you shouldn't, as you consider your succession plans.

How much is enough?

How much money do you need to secure your furture financial wellbeing?

Where to start?

Chris answers this simple, yet crucial question.

Accountants and the EOT

Chris explains why he is worried about a group of accountants.

Role of the trustees

Who are the trustees and what's their role?

The Hotel Minibar

What do hotel minibars and employee ownership have in common?

Something for free...

Chris explains how he can help in August.

Personalities in teams

Chris explains the importance and power of personality profiling.

The New Cohort

Chris explains the benefits of being part of a chort of like-minded people.

The importance of preparation

Chris explains why you need to prepare and choose your words carefully.

Finding The Right Exit

Chris explains why an EOT might not always be the right succession option.

From Dubrovnik: Engaging Senior Employees

Chris explains how and when you should disclose your succession plans.

How to distribute profit

Chris explains the rules for profit distribution.

What is succession planning?

Chris explains why you need to be the least important person in your business.