Employee Ownership Trusts (EOT) are the new way for business owners to release value from their business AND for the business to continue – hopefully forever!

Life in an EOT business is not like other businesses, however. The Eternal Business will help all stakeholders to understand the differences – and equip them to deal with the challenges.

The Eternal Business book and programme has been created to:

  • Help owners decide if this is the best end to their entrepreneurial story
  • Provide a pathway for transition to EOT for owners and employees
  • Help employees from apprentice to boardroom to deal with the challenges of an EOT business

Who do we help?

Business owners:

Who are thinking about succession planning and want to understand all their options.

EOT businesses:

Who want to understand how their future can be different under an employee owned model.

Professional advisers:

Who want to help their clients understand employee ownership and the benefits it can bring.