The Eternal Business Programme is designed to take a business along the four strands that are key to making
a long term sustainable business:

  1. The Flag
  2. Collaborative Decision Making
  3. Engaged Employees
  4. Ownership

The end of the Programme sees the final transition into an Employee Ownership Trust. However, it is important to acknowledge that the vast majority of the changes will benefit any businesses, whether or not they become employee owned.

The Programme takes the owner through twelve modules and hundreds of individual lessons, starting with helping the owner decide if this is the right succession plan for them. As the course progresses, so the employees become increasingly involved.

If the owner would rather get an initial introduction first, we’ve put together a special mini programme designed to provide an outline of what is involved and help them decide if EOT is right for their business and for them as individuals.  Encompassing a selection of lessons from the main programme, business owners can also choose to benefit from a one-on-one consultation with our Founder Chris Budd to discuss their individual situation further before committing to the full course. This programme is charged at a singular fee that will give lifetime access.

The structure of the programme is as follows:

The Eternal Business Programme provides a pathway for companies to sell to an EOT. The first stage is to decide whether the EOT is right for the owner in the first place.

The book covers these issues in broad terms. The Programme, however, goes much deeper, creating a practical path for companies to follow from start to finish – a process that may take some time. Remember – we are talking about building a company that will keep making the profits which will be used to buy out the owner.

The Programme comprises three courses:

  • Course 1 is for the owner: firstly, to decide if the EOT is right for them; then to prepare how this news will be shared with the leadership team.
  • Course 2 is for the owner and leadership team to start making initial changes to the business and prepare the way to involve all employees.
  • Course 3 is where everyone gets involved, making changes to the business which by the end of the course will allow the owner to step away and sell to the EOT.

These are fundamental issues that take time to understand and implement. It is for this reason that there is a minimum commitment to the course of six months.

The pricing of the Programme is as follows:

Introductory mini-programme

An Introductory mini-programme designed to see if EOT is right for you.

Completing these 32 lessons will not only give you all the information you need about how the EOT works; it will also help you to consider various scenarios. These include: managing expectations of key employees; how you can prepare yourself to let go; forming your transition team; how to prepare an engagement plan for employees.

Cost: £195.00 (single payment).  Optional consultation with Chris is charged @ £99.99, which is invoiced separately.  Prices exclude VAT.

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Online Programme Membership: £300 per month*

The core of the programme. Access to a structured process guiding the owner, leadership team and employees through their various challenges in preparing the business to be sold to the Employee Ownership Trust.

In addition, each month new content will be provided added. This will come in a variety of formats, including:

  • Webinars (with a variety of guests)
  • Blogs
  • Checklists

This content will be available without additional charge to the programme members, plus access to the archive of content.

To learn more and sign up to the Programme, please click here.

*Plus VAT.

Cohort membership: £575 per month*

An additional option will be to go through the programme with other companies. Collaborative learning has been shown to increase the rate of understanding, as you go through the transition with others who are sharing similar experiences as you.

The Cohort Membership includes quarterly facilitated meetings where all members of a cohort (typically five companies) come together to share insights and experiences, hosted by an Eternal Business adviser.

Cohort Membership includes the cost of the quarterly meeting for two employees of each company (additional attendees charged at £200 each).

Furthermore, cohort members will have access to an exclusive forum. From here there will be able to collaborate with other cohort members between the facilitated meetings, sharing both problems and challenges.

To learn more and sign up to the Programme please click here.

*Plus VAT.

Trusted Expert – for the owner who doesn’t have time

The Programme provides an end-to-end pathway specifically designed to help super-busy business owners achieve the exit they want. Owners and leadership teams work through the online programme either by themselves or with other businesses.
The Trusted Expert service sees us provide an experienced specialist who will be your personal navigator and senior counsel from start to finish.

We will drive the process, at your pace, but making sure those changes are actioned. By using someone who has seen it all before, we can make sure the issues are considered before they become a problem.

We currently have four spaces available – so jump on the opportunity today to secure your Trusted Expert.

For more information please click here to email us.

Feasibility Study – for the owner uncertain of the first steps

If you have been thinking about succession planning and are unsure of which option might be right for you, then we can produce a feasibility report to help you make that decision.

This report will provide a study of:

  • The exit options available
  • The requirements of the owner(s)
  • Timescales
  • The abilities and requirements of the existing leadership team
  • The suitability of the business to the various options
  • The likely timescale based on the current position of the business

If you would like to know more, please click here to drop us an email and we’ll be in touch to provide a price specific to your requirements.

Archive content

All previous content will also be available, building up an enviable library of content on a wide variety of issues facing all businesses, but of particular relevance to companies who are or who are heading towards being owned by an EOT.

This content will not be available to non-programme members.


A Personality business is one where all clients deal with one person and that person also makes all the major decisions.

As an estimate, to get from this extreme to becoming an Eternal business is likely to take at least five years.

In practice, however most businesses will not be at such an extreme, and are likely to complete the programme more quickly.

At the beginning and during the course we will help you to perform a gap analysis of the business to assess where it lies on that path.

No. Although the EOT is a natural end point, it is not essential, and the changes you will make to your business will benefit other outcomes as well. No business can be sold effectively if the owner is essential to the business.

By clicking here, reading the terms and conditions, and then choosing either the Online or Cohort membership option.

Membership is per company. For one monthly fee of £300*, therefore, as many employees as required will be issued with membership.

Certain other aspects are charged per person, however, such as attending Cohort events.