The Eternal Business programme uses the expertise of trusted associates who you can find more information about below.

We can also facilitate introductions to other key professionals such as accountants, solicitors and commercial finance brokers who understand the culture change required by employee ownership.

Chris Budd, Founder, The Eternal Business Consultancy

Chris passed his Diploma in Business Coaching from the EMCC back in 2013. This, combined with his experience of having taking his own business through the transition to employee ownership, makes him uniquely placed to help owners to find the right path for them and their business.

As well as being the architect of the course and the author of The Eternal Business book, upon which the course is based, Chris continues to act as a director, chair and trustee for a variety of organisations.

Chris is driven by the good that he sees employee ownership can bring to employees, owners, customers and, ultimately, society. He is experienced in helping owners to work out if the EOT is going to be the right succession plan for them, and in helping leadership teams to come to terms with the new ownership.

Campbell McDonald, Managing Director, Storyboard Consulting

Campbell is one of the UK’s leading employee ownership (EO) practitioners and a specialist in organisational transformation.

Campbell spent two years working as a consultant to the John Lewis Partnership, before leading the creation of a nationally-recognised management consultancy (Baxendale), in an EO model, specialising in supporting the creation and growth of mutual and EO businesses.

Campbell has supported the performance of Boards, Directors, Trustees and employee councils at dozens of EO businesses, from SMEs to larger firms. Campbell was a Cabinet Office-appointed mentor to the Government’s first wave of public service mutual and led on the creation of multiple new EO social businesses – including Whitehall’s largest mutual joint venture, the £50m disability employment services provider Remploy.

Campbell now operates as an independent consultant and expert on building thriving EO workforce cultures and effective governance mechanisms.Campbell is the Chair of the Board of EOT Trustees at the global architecture firm Broadway Malyan, and through his writing and public speaking continues to be a powerful advocate on behalf of the employee owned sector.

Jan Bowen-Nielsen, Managing Director, Quiver Management

Jan has 15 years senior management experience from large blue-chip and medium size companies in the UK, Denmark and USA, including technical and operations management, commercial roles and general management. His experience includes a CEO role with an international business based in the USA, a CEO role with a European consultancy as well as currently being the Chairman of a £2million high-growth business in Wales and Chair of a charity based in England.

Jan has 16 years’ experience as a business coach, trainer and management consultant. He has particular expertise in helping business owners develop their personal and business strategies, deliver business growth and create strong management teams to support their ambitions.

His sector experience as a an executive and business coach spans a wide range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, utilities, engineering, professional services, transport and not-for-profit amongst many others.

Jane Ginnever, Change Consultant, Shift

As a former teacher’s pet, Queen’s Guide, military officer and general control freak, Jane’s not your typical corporate rebel.

She set out to change a world that she saw wasn’t working following 20 years in leadership roles and an MBA which wholly supported her instinct that the way businesses managed people wasn’t enabling either the business or the people to achieve their potential.
She built on her in-house HR management experience with a MSc in HR Management and led the HR function in three small and medium-sized companies, before leaving to focus wholly on changing the way work works.

Jane’s a systems-thinker, a skilled facilitator and an HR management expert who helps leaders and their teams challenge their assumptions about how things ‘should’ work and develop new ways of working together towards their common aims. She collaborates widely on positive change projects throughout the UK.

Catrin MacDonnell

Catrin is an experienced coach who works with people who want to make changes in their business and life. She works with business owners and leaders in a range of fields from legal, financial, engineering, property and marketing/comms in the public, private and third sectors.

She also delivers training on leadership and management skills for businesses and organisations, including Academi Wales, the Welsh Government’s training academy for public sector leaders and managers across Wales.

She particularly enjoys working with people as a transition coach, where there are changes to be made but perhaps some resistance and enjoys coaching people to communicate more effectively. She would love to start a listening revolution where we all learn to properly listen and hear what others are saying. Sounds simple but it’s rare.

She lives in Bristol with her husband and two sons and loves to travel, eat good food and do a bit of yoga in her spare time.

Caroline Gourlay, Business Psychologist

Caroline is a Chartered Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience of supporting people and organisations to thrive. She has worked in the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors, though her main interest lies in mid-sized owner-managed businesses, including family businesses.

Her primary fields of expertise are the assessment and development of leaders. She carries out in-depth, psychological profiling of senior managers for selection, promotion and succession planning purposes.

Caroline is also an experienced coach, who works with senior leaders and leadership teams and coaches on leadership development programmes at Said Business School, Oxford University. A sought-after speaker, she is able to put across ideas about the psychology of people at work in a straightforward and engaging way. She writes a popular blog on business psychology, which is written without psychobabble.

Claire James, Managing Director, Pivotal Moment Transitions

Claire is Founder and Managing Director of Pivotal Moment Transitions, which specialises in ‘We-centric’ (as opposed to ‘I-centric’) Leadership Cultures, focusing on decision making, communication and accountability across the organisation. She uses applied neuroscience for transformative results, helping leaders establish functional, productive and profitable environments where people love to work.

Claire has worked in multiple continents and languages, and a diverse range of fields and industries, including Commercial Management in Marks & Spencer and PR and HR in TOTAL. Here, she ran a specialised Public Relations programme on behalf of its global President and, subsequently, the Expatriation Services for the UK upstream organisation.

Claire has been in Leadership and Organisational Development since 2007. She is qualified in a range of coaching methodologies and accredited in a wide variety of psychometrics. She has over a thousand hours of leadership coaching and facilitation experience.

Claire works at senior level with diverse clients, including City institutions, the Treasury and the NHS, international charities such as Green Peace and ActionAid International, as well as SMEs and start-ups. Claire currently gives around 40% of her time in pro-bono and low-cost support for organisations and individuals with limited resources and is a mentor on the NatWest Accelerator Programme.

Claire works across the UK and internationally, in English and in French.